Online Assisted Selling

Online, "Assisted Selling" is Taking Off. What is it?
Three Case Studies - And Ideas for YOUR BUSINESS

More than 90% of your company's "selling opportunitites" start with someone... engineer, purchasing agent, executive... looking at your web site. What does it say about your business, your customer-focus and the quality of the work you do?

If the user's experience is not what is expected, or they didn't find what they were looking for, will you ever know? Here are three examples of how 101MFG's WebAdrenaline[sm] program is helping our members capture new business opportunities, speed quote turnaround and drive more customer loyalty.


Case Study 1: Online Product Configuration - On a Smart Phone!
Coax cable assembly builder SRC Cables makes high performance custom assemblies for aerospace, communications and electronics customers worldwide. But, how do you manage over 900 basic configurations, when cables and their connectors must match frequency, 'clocking', impedance and connector style? SRC Cable Configurer
SRC's CABLE ADVISOR - is available on the company's web site, and can even be accessed by the company's sales agents, customer engineers or purchasing agents, in the field - quickly - by smart phone.

Sometimes, the customer needs to know if a mil-spec or "approved" component is compatible with test equipment or new product prototypes. With the CABLE ADVISOR, a few simple gestures is all it takes -illegal or non-compatible designs are avoided, speeding time and improving accuracy, and, reinforcing loyalty to "SRC's solution."
SRC Cable Configurer
Case Study 2: Research Specs, Order & Ship Status ASAP!
Precision optical glass fabricator VPG is a fabricator of custom and quick-turn optical components and thin-film coatings for photonics, military, industrial and lighting applications worldwide.

Nearly 70% of the company's volume originates via web site quotes, including some of the world's most prominant optical research laboratories, universities and the "Global 1000".

Buying optics research components is a precise business, and specifications like wavelength/bandwidth, scratch/dig and flatness - to name just several - can sometimes be confusing. VPG, working with 101MFG, simplified the process, made it easy to do online, and then we literally modelled hundreds of optics, to provide numerous pictures and reference charts to help optical researchers get "what they need, when they need it."
VPG Optics
Case Study 3: Show Me What You Can Do!
Precison machining, turning and CNC company Datum Technologies specializes in CNC close tolerance, precision machining processes and inspection based on an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System. Datum's in-house engineering services work with customers Design-For-Manufacturability issues for prototypes and product development.

But convincing major manufacturers to "take a look" at what you can do is tough: they're busy, they have existing suppliers and simply "laundry listing" capabilities won't cut it. So Datum President Dick Hunt asked 101MFG to come up with something unique, something that would tell Datum's story, whenever, wherever he happened to be, simply, effectively and without a commitment to expensive software development.
Datum Technologies
Our answer was a graphical "browser" - the CHOOSER - which the user simply scrolls across with a mouse - or finger on a smart phone.

More than just pretty pictures, the CHOOSER displays a sampling of precision parts, their materials, dimensions, tolerances and key features that illustrate capabilities and demonstrates how major customers rely on Datum Technologies. AND, the best part, when the customer sees enough, a simple mouse-click or two, or a TAP on the smart phone and he can send a quote request, drawings and specs and get an immediate response - on the shop floor, in the office, on the plane or whenever and from wherever one happens to be.
Datum Product CHOOSER