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  • 101MFG
    BARNETT TOOL - Camarillo - CNC Mill & Lathe SUPERVISOR
  • 101MFG
    BARNETT TOOL - Camarillo - CNC Mill & Lathe OPERATOR & SETUP
  • 101MFG
    KVAL INC - Petaluma - CNC and Manual MACHINISTS

101MFG Value Drivers

Leadership... and the Power of a Trust Network

Why become a member? Because we want you to have the power, the personal growth opportunity and the shared insights of more than 300 fellow senior manufacturing executives - and growing!

Open the Doorway - to Profit and Growth

What if - you could grow revenue predictably, had the cash to invest reliably, and knew you were laying the foundation for your company's healthy profits now - and in the future? Engage with us, and see how it's done.

Aligned for Success

Great companies have great leadership, great cultures and employees at all levels who are personally aligned and committed to success. In fact, they don't know any other way. Want some of that? Join us. 

Finding Great Talent - and Building Our Future Workforce

101MFG Members are leading the way with innovative training programs, boot camp, apprenticeships, public-private partnerships and reaching out to our schools to attract the best-and-brightest - and we'd like you to join in.

From Cradle to ... Succession?

Face it. At some point, enough will be enough. Will your business survive and prosper after your time is done? Will your employees and key contributors be ready to fill those shoes? You've got to have a plan, and that starts today!

Load the Deck - in California's Favor

Our economy - and our competitive future as Californians depends upon the more than 25,000 primary metals, advanced materials, job shops, specialty fabricators and assembly shops that build what California designs. It's a good time to re-educate California politicians about who creates real wealth and prosperity.

About 101MFG

101MFG is a trusted, private alliance of manufacturing executives throughout California. Our MISSION is to:

(1) Enhance their growth and profitability
(2) Help open doors to California and the world's greatest OEMs
(3) Promote awareness and attract the world's best workforce
(4) Leverage California's advanced technology for strategic advantage
(5) Secure advocacy for manufacturing in California by public officials.

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Our member companies are strategic suppliers to aerospace, defense, medical, bio-pharma, communications, industrial, energy, electronics, optical, transportation, green building and leading consumer products companies throughout the world.

MEMBERSHIP is Restricted to California Manufacturing companies ONLY.