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AI and the Future of Manufacturing
on 05/01/2018

"It's not about saving time, it's all about improving accuracy and quality beyond what a human could possibly do," Justice explains.

Manufacturers are often content with incremental improvements in time, accuracy and quality. As long as you're "continuously improving," you're on the path ...

How the AI cloud could produce the richest companies ever
on 04/02/2018

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all want to dominate the business of providing artificial-intelligence services through cloud computing. The winner may have the OS of the future.


US Apprenticeships Continue Momentum
on 08/01/2017

“Mr. Apprentice” himself, President Donald Trump, in recent months has very publicly announced his approval for boosting apprenticeship programs. He’d like to ramp up the number of apprenticeships in the United States from 500,000 to 5 million— recent changes to gover...

Manufacturers Learn How to Attract, Hire Millenials
on 11/29/2016

“I think one of the things that a lot of companies probably don’t recognize is how soon millennials will make up the majority of their workforce, and if they’re not doing things to address that, it’s going to be harder to attract and keep them,” he warns.


The Real US Manufacturing Renaissance?
on 11/17/2016

The pace of change in global manufacturing is faster right now than at any time in recent history. The technology and practice of large-scale manufacturing are moving into a new era of proficiency—not just typified by improvements in established processes, but taking the form of a software-...

Policy: What Cities Need to Attract/Retain Manufacturing
on 09/06/2016

Some keys for cities to build themselves up as advanced industry leaders, according to the Brookings Institution, are “improved innovation and training initiatives, stronger labor standards, and a rewoven social safety net.” Which cities need all that right now?


Detroit's Big Presence in Silicon Valley - Self-Driving Cars
on 09/06/2016

For the first time in America’s industrial history, the center for automotive technology is drifting away from Detroit.

Ford Motor Co., aiming to put fully autonomous vehicles into the economy by 2021, announced that it’s doubling the size of its office in Silicon Valley to 26...

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