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Rep. Mike Thompson Tours Price Pump
on 02/01/2014

As they left his factory floor, a neat and orderly, 30,000-square-foot, wood- and metal-scented hall in Sonoma, Price Pump Co. president and CEO Bob Piazza said to the congressman he was showing around: “I bet you didn't know we existed.”

Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, acknowledged ...

Santa Rosa-based Agilent division renamed Keysight
on 01/15/2014

Keysight will concentrate solely on the electronic measurement industry, focusing on its test and measurement customers. The business, currently part of Agilent, is the world leader in test and measurement, holding the number one position in its industry segments of wireless data ecosystem; ae...

SRC Cables (Santa Rosa) Acquired by Winchester Electronics Corporation
on 11/05/2013

Middlebury, CT – November 5, 2013 – Winchester Electronics Corporation (Winchester), a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity (“Audax”), announced it has completed the acquisition of SRC Cables, Inc. (“SRC”). Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, SRC is a producer of high perfor...

Lessons for California Manufacturing - From SpaceX, Tesla Founder Elon Musk
on 09/06/2013

The "real world Tony Stark" - Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk has a pretty convincing case for "made in California". We won't get there by doing things the old ways or attempting incremental cost improvements when we compete with lower wages. Instead, innovation, risk-taking, big ideas...

T.J. Rodgers - Targeting the Wealthy Kills Jobs
on 08/18/2013

One of the signature themes of the Obama administration is that the American dream is under attack due to "income disparity." The words divide the country into haves and have-nots, suggesting a national condition that needs to be corrected—presumably by "progressive" taxation as a mechanism ...

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